The Value of Functional Furniture

What is Functional Furniture

Functional Furniture is defined as furniture having several functions combined. Functions can vary, but often include additional practical uses, such as sleepers, storage, recliners, seat adjustability, etc.

In Finland, the average home size is 1100 square feet, this includes 3 bedrooms, living space, and a kitchen. With such limited space to entertain overnight guests, functional furniture is essential in order to maximize every square foot.

The functional collection from Luonto was conceived from the idea that highly functional designs can maximize any home space regardless of size. But small living spaces are becoming more common as people move to cities and communities where apartments and condominiums dominate the residential markets.

The case of Functional Furniture

Regardless of home size, whether 1100 sqft or 11,000 sqft, intentional use of space is a common factor when designing any interior solution. We believe good furniture design can move with you, adjust to specific needs, and perform additional utilities. Furniture with uses more than seated comfort makes for a superior design.

Sleeping ​Solut​ions

Be it, family or friends, more often than most admit there is a need for an extra bed in the house. With functional furniture, sleepers are within reach in less than a minute. And comfort is not foregone either. With our line of Sleeper Furniture, everyone can rest easy, there are never any bars or springs causing havoc on sleeping backs. Experience comfort. Sitting or sleeping.

Designers Furniture is proud to introduce Luonto Sleeping Solutions