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Fjords Axel Relaxer

Sale: $2,845

medium $2449, large $2549

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The Fjords Axel relaxer recliner is the original Scandinavian leather chair and renowned for high-end Norwegian furniture design.
The ambition to create a contemporary design with unrivaled seating comfort created the Axel. The dual motorized design provides continuous support for your legs and back, with independent comfort of the footrest and back position The bases swivel.

Axel features a movable head pillow for added comfort, and a manual release adjustable headrest angle. The chair is available in two sizes: medium and large.

The price is for a medium motorized version.


Dual Motion Concealed Footrest Relaxer

W: 30 1/2” , 32 1/2”
H: 40 1/2”, 42”
D: 36”, 37”
SH: 18 1/2”, 18 1/2”
SD: 21”, 22”


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